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What is BEAST?

BEAST is the name of the biggest series of Smash Bros. tournaments in Europe, being held since 2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

BEAST is a yearly international tournament held in Gothenburg that features top of the line players in various Super Smash Bros. titles. First held in 2011, it is the biggest European Super Smash Bros. Melee series and has featured notorious players such as Armada, Leffen, Mango, Ice, Professor Pro, Amsah and others. Past highlights include BEAST 3 marking the first showing of Melee god Mango outside the United States, BEAST 4 being the first time Leffen defeated Armada in a tournament and BEAST 5 featuring the biggest European Melee and Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments ever held in Europe - before being surpassed by the BEAST 6 versions of the same tour.

Since BEAST 5, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has been featured alongside Super Smash Bros. Melee. BEAST 7 will also feature a tournament in Street Fighter V, though focus remains on the Smash series.

The team working at BEAST Tournament Series, spearheaded by Lolex, consists of Swedish Smash players from across the country and has, working together or individually, been responsible for a vast majority of the Swedish Super Smash Bros. Melee events in Sweden since 2010.

BEAST logo

Welcome to BEAST 7!

BEAST is the largest Super Smash Brothers tournament series in Europe. First held in 2011, the BEAST series has consistently drawn top international competitors and been the place for many highlights in global Smash history.

BEAST 7 will aim to continue to set the benchmark for European tournaments. Here is part of what we will offer you as an attendee:

Tournaments will be held in the following formats:


Registration & Prizes

Registration for attending BEAST 7 is available through the registration system over at our page. Once registered for the venue you can add events to your sign-up. Spectator Passes will be sold in person at the venue for people attending to not play in the tournaments and just there to spectate and play friendlies.

Please attend our Facebook Event as well!

Venue Fee
€30 - EARLY BIRD PRICING 14 October – 13 November 11:59 PM
€40 - STANDARD PRICING 13 November – 19 January 11:59 PM
€50 - LATE PRICING 19 January – 03 February 11:59 PM

Event Fees
€10 – Melee Singles
€10 – Melee Doubles (per player)
€10 – Wii U Singles
€10 – Wii U Doubles (per player)
€10 – 64 Singles
€10 - Street Fighter V Singles

We will NOT be offering refunds on VENUE FEE!
We WILL be offering refunds on EVENT FEE ONLY!

Prizes for each individual event
1st 40%
2nd 23%
3rd 14%
4th 9%
5th 5%
5th 5%
7th 2%
7th 2%


Venue & Venue Photos

Eriksbergshallen once housed the shipbuilding company Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad, and is located right next to Quality Hotel 11, with views of the river at Gothenburg’s Norra Älvstrand district. Meeting facilities steeped in tradition and atmosphere, and now a modern event hall with a 2,000 person capacity.

The entire hall is fitted with black-out curtains. In addition to the basic lighting, there are spotlights and adjustable lighting in every other column in the meeting facilities. High ceilings and roughly 1,800 m2 of floor space means flexibility and almost endless possibilities.

Transport and communication
Visitors can reach Eriksbergshallen easily by either car, bus, or the city ferry Älvsnabben. The area benefits from approx. 550 parking spaces and access to additional events parking when necessary. Bus line 16 runs a frequent service between Gothenburg city centre – Eriksberg, and the trip takes about 15-20 minutes. The Älvsnabben city ferry docks at the quay right outside Eriksbergshallen. Click below to read more about travel and/or accommodation.



Geeky Goon Squad (abbreviated GGs) is a broadcasting company dedicated to bringing you the finest quality streaming experience for your smash pleasure.


BYOController is a Dutch broadcasting organization with high quality streams and technology, aimed at developing the European Smash Bros. scene.


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